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May, 2022

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Underwriting and asset management for real estate investors

What began as an MVP project now has the potential to revolutionize underwriting and asset management as an innovative SaaS tool for real estate investors.



The Founder of DealGen came to us looking to validate their real estate business idea with an MVP SaaS platform. Their goal was to test an idea and business model, confirm the needs of their target audience, and move towards the next stage of product development after generating seed investment. The concept was simple: substitute scratch pads and complex spreadsheets with a user-friendly platform for investors to analyze and manage real estate investments.


Project Scope



The team assigned to this project included a Tech Lead to manage the technical frameworks, a UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developers, and Back-end Developers. The team created the MVP for this SaaS platform from scratch, including all foundational features to validate the needs of their target audiences.

As a part of this project, we created three major components: a mobile responsive landing page to engage their target audience, a web application to analyze data on custom dashboards, and the IT infrastructure needed to make it all function.



  • UI/UX design

    UI/UX design

    To ensure a user-friendly solution, we created UI mockups for the landing page and web app in Figma as one of our first deliverables. This allowed DealGen to review and comment on specifics of the design they loved.

  • DevOps


    To ensure scalable support for the platform, we created a cloud infrastructure that included a CI/CD pipeline and configured environments. Lastly, we integrated Google Analytics into their offering to provide deeper insights into their customer base.

  • Back-end Development

    Back-end Development

    To ensure sustainable development, we created an API that works with the database to handle all calculations and business logic. Additionally, the API integrates with third-party APIs that provide services such as sending email messages.

  • Front-end Development

    Front-end Development

    We transformed UI mockups into a mobile-responsive web app that works effectively in every browser, including HTML, CSS, JS, and React. We then tested and launched the site so DealGen could see their vision in action.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    To ensure the project’s success, we defined a clear scope, provided Jira and Confluence configuration, created user stories and tasks, and provided team management through daily meetings and consistent progress updates.


Powered By

To build the platform, we used modern and reliable programming languages and frameworks. For back-end development, we used Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Kafka. For front-end UI, we used JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS, and more.


Trusted Results

A beta version of DealGen was released for public review in less than three months - a timeline only possible with efficient use of time and resources. The web application is already helping real estate investors quickly analyze deals and make initial decisions easier and faster.

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