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February, 2022

Made for

Good Your Way, Inc.



Enabling volunteering and innovative fundraising.

With a socially conscious objective, Founders Alex and Marina aimed to make financial and volunteer investments easier for both individuals and businesses. Ultimately, GYW aims to support, recognize, and amplify engagements with non-profits for a win-win relationship.



GoodYourWay came to us looking to create a digital platform that would engage volunteers, donors, for-profit businesses, and non-profit organizations to foster win-win relationships, track volunteer participation, and quantify fundraising efforts.


Project Scope



With deep expertise in mobile and web app development, we were excited to help a company with such an important mission. We knew that reducing friction for both front-end and back-end users would be critical to achieving the most social good.

In order to best track volunteer efforts, we created a branded technology ecosystem with six modules to support GoodYourWay objectives. These six platforms included an API, iOS and Android apps, a mobile-responsive website, a fundraising app, and an admin dashboard.



  • Infrastructure setup

    Infrastructure setup

    We created a three-tiered IT infrastructure, including development, testing, and production environments. We also assembled a CI/CD pipeline, configured a VPN for protected access, and set up development accounts on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore

  • Mobile app

    Mobile app

    The GoodYourWay apps enable users to launch fundraising campaigns and track volunteer activities through a dedicated page shareable via social networks. With simple access and setup, users can easily promote and raise donations for any cause. To expand GoodYourWay’s reach, we created mobile applications for both iOS and Android using Dart and Flutter. The app implements an oAuth integration with Google, Apple, Facebook, and LinkedIn and also includes push notifications through a Firebase Cloud Messaging API for fundraising and volunteer reminders.

  • Admin dashboard

    Admin dashboard

    A custom dashboard allows internal administrators to track global activities across platforms, including the number of users, volunteer events, fundraising results, and non-profit involvement. Developed as a web application, the dashboard provides access to all internal statistics and KPIs for easy and effective data management. Implemented with two-factor authentication, it allows for different roles and permissions to ensure security and accessibility. Customers can also generate custom reports to analyze their progress and re-send donation receipts for tax purposes.

  • API Integration

    API Integration

    The scalable REST API is based on Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Kafka, Kubernetes, and SQL Server. It also integrates with the Frontstream Payment API and an email-sending API.

  • Mobile Responsive Website

    Mobile Responsive Website

    We helped GoodYourWay create a mobile responsive website with unique fundraising pages for each volunteer. The fundraising pages show details about past volunteer activities, where donations will be directed, and other essential information needed to inform prospective donors about why they should support fundraising efforts.


GYW Volunteers

We have developed a cross-platform mobile application that enables volunteers to set their goals, track their volunteer activities, organize fundraising events, and share their achievements. The app provides notifications to users regarding the start and end times of volunteering events, ensuring that they never miss an opportunity to make a difference.

Moreover, the application allows creating an individual fundraising page for each fundraising event, which showcases all the tracked volunteering time and enables users to make donations. This feature encourages fundraising efforts and helps volunteers to raise more funds for the causes they support.


Custom API

Our team has developed a custom API that enhances communication between the mobile application, admin dashboard, and fundraising web pages. The API is also responsible for facilitating communication between the fundraising pages and an external payment processing system.

The server API is based on a microservices architecture, which enables scalability and reliability, ensuring seamless communication across all systems.

Additionally, the API serves an Admin Dashboard, providing managers with detailed statistics, user data management tools, and support for clients. This feature ensures that managers have the necessary information and resources to oversee the operations of the application and to respond promptly to user needs.


Admin Dashboard

Our team has developed an advanced admin dashboard that empowers administrators to access detailed statistics and manage key entities, including goals, volunteering events, charities, donations, fundraising events, and more.

In addition, the dashboard allows administrators to invite other admins and managers with dedicated roles, enhancing collaboration and ensuring that tasks are delegated effectively. The admin dashboard is fully integrated with all the system's components, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of system activity.

Overall, our admin dashboard provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enables administrators to effectively manage and monitor the platform, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and drive success.


Powered By

To develop our platform, we utilized a range of modern and reliable programming languages and frameworks. For back-end development, we employed Java, the Spring Framework, Hibernate, Kafka, and other industry-standard technologies.

For the front-end user interface, we leveraged JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS, and other cutting-edge technologies to create a user-friendly and responsive interface.

In addition, we utilized Dart, Flutter, Codemagic, and other tools to develop the mobile application, ensuring that the app was optimized for performance and functionality across a range of devices.

Overall, our choice of technologies reflects our commitment to using the best tools available to create a scalable, reliable, and high-performance platform.


Trusted Results

We successfully developed the entire technology ecosystem and released the mobile apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Market. GoodYourWay was thrilled with the achieved results, and initial user feedback has been glowing. Our success has led to a blossoming long-term relationship with their team and continued support and improvement of the GoodYourWay platform.

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