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Watkins Media is a global leader in the publishing of personal development and mind, body, and spirit books. Offering fresh interpretations on important subjects, old and new, Watkins is dedicated to entertaining readers while inspiring them to make a positive difference in the world.



Looking to capitalize on a blossoming market, Minerva decided to upgrade a legacy bibliographic system that was struggling to accommodate its recent growth. Our expert team recommended creating a series of microservices that would provide both scalability and security. We implemented a set of revenue management tools that addressed two critical aspects of their business - rights and royalties.


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To support their growing publishing company, our expert team reimagined their existing architecture into a custom SaaS platform with a set of microservices that improved scalability and increased security.

Our unique solution involved four compatible components: Minerva Core, Minerva Rights, Minerva Royalties, and Minerva Gateway. Each service had separate backend and frontend elements with Single Sign On (SSO) authorization. Instead of a single increasingly complex application required to implement multiple business operations, we separated critical functions to create scalable, flexible, and user-friendly solutions



  • Minerva Core

    Minerva Core

    To ensure secure access to Minerva’s global metadata produced from multichannel book sales, we created a microservice capable of generating and sending reports to distributors around the world in an industry-standard ONIX format. We also increased security for Minerva’s global partners by implementing multiple levels of permissions.

  • Minerva Rights

    Minerva Rights

    A global and growing company like Minerva needs instant access to business development documents. Minerva Rights allows employees to securely store and manage contracts with prospective companies interested in buying the rights for physical and digital publications. In addition, the platform features multiple levels of permission depending on audience needs.

  • Minerva Royalties

    Minerva Royalties

    To better manage Minerva’s global royalty revenues, we created an application that allows multiple user types to store and access reports from books and rights sales. Users simply upload reports from various sales platforms to Minerva Royalties, where the company can then calculate total revenues for each product quickly and easily.

  • Minerva Gateway

    Minerva Gateway

    To simplify sign-in among their most important users, we created a gateway application that enables effortless technical authorization handling between each microservice. The Minerva Gateway app handles authentication, routing, and token sharing so users can easily switch between microservices.


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Trusted Results

Our SaaS B2B platform enabled Watkins Media to seamlessly and successfully manage the entirety of its business data, including rights, royalties, contracts, and sales. Their new platform will facilitate their continued growth through improved scalability and increased security.

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