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January, 2023

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Linguamill, Inc.



A platform for learning foreign languages

Linguamill empowers second-language professionals to learn and improve industry-specific terminology with a set of tools that extends vocabulary, improves pronunciation, and reduces accents.



The goal of Linguamill was to create a platform that helps immigrants and foreign professionals in tech, healthcare, and other fields to improve the language skills they need for everyday communication. By creating a collection of focused tools, including mobile apps, browser extensions, and web applications, Linguamill can help bridge the gap between conversational communication and industry-specific terminology.


Project Scope



To bring Linguamill to life, we knew we had to create a product ecosystem that was as accessible and easy to use as possible. We began by designing a UX-optimized website and hybrid mobile app, as well as admin dashboards and custom server APIs that would facilitate its functionality. We also created a three-tiered IT infrastructure, including development, testing, and production environments, a CI/CD pipeline, a VPN for the protected resources, and configured development accounts on both Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.



  • Highly effective and customizable flashcards

    Highly effective and customizable flashcards

    Build a personal vocabulary based on your desired expertise and organize it in highly effective, customizable, color-coded flashcards.

  • Organize your vocabulary in contextual sets

    Organize your vocabulary in contextual sets

    As the number of cards increases, they can be sorted into sets united by common sources like books, articles, movies, and more.

  • Read, watch, listen, and memorize in context

    Read, watch, listen, and memorize in context

    Grow your active vocabulary by memorizing new words in multiple real-life contexts and conversations you’ll experience in everyday settings.


Linguamill Flashcards

We designed a mobile application that helps build and efficiently memorize personal vocabularies in any foreign language. It allows you to create flashcards with contexts, covers, and custom translations which can then be organized into sets based on your preferences.


Custom API

Our team developed a custom API to facilitate communication to the mobile app and provide unique functionality to the main Linguamill app. The core functionalities include creating custom sets of cards, effectively learning and predicting predefined sets, and sending push and email notifications to users. In addition, the API helps to generate statistics, receive customer information, and provide functionality for managing customers, sets, and cards from the admin dashboard.


Admin Dashboard

The dashboard allows admins to manage customers and editors, assign roles and responsibilities, and separate access to certain functions for different users. The dashboard can also assist in creating predefined card sets, including a defined review process for administrators before publishing for the target customer.


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Trusted Results

Our team successfully delivered the first version of the mobile application and admin dashboard on time and on budget. The first users to test the mobile app provided feedback, new feature requests, and an enthusiastic embrace of the concept. The mobile application is currently available for download on both iOS and Android platforms for users looking to extend their language learning journeys.

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