Solution and Cloud Architecture


We’ll help you increase performance, scalability, and reliability by finding the optimal cloud solution and architecture for your business. Our highly experienced Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers are always available to analyze and improve existing IT infrastructure, migrate existing systems to the cloud, or design and set up a new system from scratch. Whether you have existing cloud experience or you’re looking for advice and counsel on your first steps, we’re here to help.

Solution and Cloud Architecture is a service typically included in any larger projects we help you develop. Whether it is a web app, mobile app, PoC, MVP, API, or any other technology solution, we will ensure you have the necessary cloud infrastructure to succeed.


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How We Build Solution and Cloud Architecture

Working alongside you and your team, we’ll identify existing architecture, provide advice on cleaning up systems, or build everything you need from scratch. We are an efficiency-driven agency that prioritizes client satisfaction. We base our development processes on methods proven to be reliable and resource-efficient, ensuring we can provide high-value ROI on every project.

Solution architecture refers to the design and implementation of a specific software solution to meet a particular set of requirements. This may include designing a system or application architecture, selecting the appropriate technologies and tools, and defining the workflows and processes needed to build and maintain the solution.

On the other hand, cloud architecture refers to the design and implementation of an infrastructure or platform that allows applications and services to be hosted and accessed over the internet. This may include designing the cloud infrastructure and platform, selecting the appropriate cloud services and tools, and defining the workflows and processes needed to deploy and manage applications and services in the cloud.

While solution architecture focuses on building a specific software solution, cloud architecture is concerned with designing a scalable and flexible infrastructure that can support multiple solutions and services. Solution architecture can exist both in the cloud and on-premises, while cloud architecture is specifically focused on the cloud environment.

When creating a Cloud Architecture we follow the standard process that consists of the following phases:

Planning and Assessment

This involves identifying business requirements, analyzing current infrastructure, and evaluating cloud providers.

  • 1. Planning and Assessment

    This involves identifying business requirements, analyzing current infrastructure, and evaluating cloud providers.

  • 2. Architecture Design

    In this phase, the cloud architecture is designed to meet business requirements, taking into consideration scalability, availability, security, and cost optimization.

  • 3. Implementation

    This involves setting up the cloud infrastructure and configuring the network, storage, compute, and other services.

  • 4. Testing and Deployment

    The cloud architecture is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the functional and non-functional requirements before deployment.

  • 5. Monitoring and Maintenance

    Once the cloud architecture is deployed, it needs to be monitored and maintained to ensure that it performs optimally, and any issues are promptly identified and resolved.

  • 6. Optimization and Continuous Improvement

    The cloud architecture needs to be continuously optimized to reduce costs, improve performance, and meet changing business requirements.

Proven Results

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